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Cortesy of Wim Wal

Cortesy of Wim Wal

First European Workshop on The African Painted Dogs 2014

From March 23 - March 25, 2014 Stichting Painted Dog Conservation organized together with GaiaZoo, the First European Workshop on The African Painted Dogs at GaiaZoo, Kerkrade, The Netherlands.

The theme of the workshop will be:
“Paint (in) the future of the Painted Dogs: connecting zoo & wildlife”

The workshop offered a three-day programme with many interesting speakers, a visit to the dogs in GaiaZOO and festive programmes.

Here you can download the programme of the workshop 2014: here.

The pdf's of all the lectures can be downloaded here:
1. Greg Rasmussen (Research Director, Painted Dog Research Trust):
25 years of field research, an overview here 1
2. George In der Maur (Chairman African Wild Dog SOS Fund):
Video - Painted dogs for sale here 2
3. Claudio Sillero (IUCN Canid Specialist Group): Perspectives on global canid
conservation: Do African wild dogs fit the mould? here 3
Painted Dog status captive and wild:
4. Richard Barnes (EEP Coordinator, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park UK) here 4
5. Mike Quick (studbook keeper USA), presentation Greg Rasmussen here 5
6. Claudio Sillero (IUCN Canid Specialist Group): Assessing the populations
and conservation status of African wild dogs across the continent. here 6.
7. Peter Blinston (managing director PDC, Zimbabwe): The Painted Dog
project in action! here 7
8. Jacques Kaandorp (veterinarian Safaripark Beekse Bergen): Why
conservation…….? here 8
9. Frank Princée (Population Management & Wildlife Conservation):
Metapopulations: where the wild and zoos meet here 9
10. Markus Gusset (WAZA): Integrated Species Conservation: Connecting zoos
and wildlife to create meaningful partnerships here 10
11. Working session 1. How research in the wild can help the
dogs in zoos? Chairs: Markus Gusset and Greg Rasmussen here 11
12. Working Session 1: Results here 12
13. Alexis Maillot (Amneville, France): Medical management of Painted dogs
in captivity here 13
14. Thierry Petit (La Palmyre, France): Relaxation drugs here 14
15. Frauke Ohl (University Utrecht): Wildlife Welfare here 15
16. Hedwig Tromp (Wageningen University): A first step towards the
ethogram of Painted Dogs here 16
17. Working session 2. How research in zoos can help the dogs
in nature? How to display Painted Dogs in zoos to enhance their value in
the wild? Chairs: Frauke Ohl and Richard Barnes here 17
18. Working session 2. Frauke Ohl: Caring for Wildlife: Are zoo-animals perceived wild? here 18
19. Working session 2. Richard Barnes: The questions here 19.

For more information, please contact Ron van der A